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    Roof RatRats can be a health hazard to you and your family, besides being a nuisance.

    When rats invade you home, they leave urine and feces everywhere they go. If food is left out, or even locked away, they can find it. If they can't sqeeze through an opening to get to food, they will make an opening.

    The following is a list of common entry points that animals most often use to find their way into your home or business. Our technicians are trained and prepared to close off these entry points, remove these animals from your home or business and we can clean-up the mess the rats left behind.



    Entry Points for RatsCommon access point

    Plumbing Stacks
    Louver Vents
    Construction Gaps
    Soffit Vents
    Dryer Vents
    Fan Vents
    Roof Vents
    Exhaust Vents
    Foundation Vents
    Decks and Patios
    Roof Overlaps


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