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    A. USA Animal Control represents and warrants that any Repair work it performs shall be of good and workmanlike quality, consistent with industry standards. Provided Customer gives USA Animal Control written notice of any breach of the foregoing warranty within one year of the date such repairs were made, Customer's sole and exclusive remedy for such breach will be for USA Animal Control to correct the defects in USA Animal Control repairs. Only the areas that have received repairs or preventative exclusion work are covered by the foregoing warranty unless otherwise noted. If relevant animal is able to breach or defeat points of repair and gain access to the structure, USA Animal Control will remedy the problem free of charge.

    B. The foregoing warranty shall be null and void in the event that Customer or Customer's agents or contractors make any modifications to the area of the structure repaired including any major remodeling, plumbing changes or the property is re-roofed.

    C. Because damage or entry points may be present in areas that are inaccessible to visual inspection, USA Animal Control does not guarantee that the damage and entry points disclosed on the Repair Estimate Form represent all of the existing damage and entry points as of the date of the agreement, nor can USA Animal Control guarantee against animal entry via such areas during the warrantee period.

    D. Some homes or businesses may be designed in such a way or are in such a condition that a guarantee on repairs against animal re-entry is not feasible to issue. In such a case, Customer shall be informed of the condition prior to performance of any repairs and/or exclusions.

    E. USA Animal Control shall not be liable under this agreement for any delays in performance due to any cause beyond its control, including without limitation fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, or any other Act of God.

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    Removal and control of wildlife including raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, birds, pigeons, snakes, critters, armadillos, feral cats, fox, bobcat, and coyotes in the Central Florida, Tampa Bay and West Palm Beach areas.
    Trapping in Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Polk, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Citrus, Sumter, Lake, Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach. Counties.